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& Building


We Organize

The early phases of programming and schematic design are meant to create an early set of materials that allows for the creation of conservative financial models addressing construction, fabrication and professional fees. The creation of detailed budgets allows for the design and management time to be spent efficiently and effectively.

We Analyze

The process begins with a close analysis of all project components in terms of the physical parts and programming requirements from the client. Early academic study of project materials helps to inform the overall process and make early determinations for design direction based upon logistical obstacles, design preferences and financial considerations.

We Design

The process of design is generally broken down into phases, each one serving a specific purpose and leading intelligently into the next. The design decisions made early on in the process are important for building upon, especially for larger and more complex projects. The management of this process becomes an imperative component to ensure quality and consistency. Design is meant to embrace the creative with the cognitive, always pushing for the best possible solution.

We Build

The construction of a project begins a phase of the process which carries with it an entirely new set of challenges. The firm engages building and manufacturing professionals that work towards the highest level of craftsmanship while maintaining strict management protocol. To build is to embrace the idea of change and to manage it effectively so that the end result is the best possible project.

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